Professional Driver Training Simulators

PRS brings the latest in driver development simulation to your factory, office or home. Mobile driver training service for the purposes of technique development and circuit familiarisation. The basis of our training system is full Motec and Atlas telemetry and guidance from our Professional ARDS Instructor/Race Engineer to help analyse and disect the data.

The majority of our racing simulator sales are to professional motorsport teams from leading single seater and GT racing championships.  Mixing simulation and real driving experience throughout training has been seen to give drivers and support teams the opportunity to practice specific manoeuvers, operations and hone driver technique.

Simulator Training and Performance Development Program

At PRS we provide you with a tailored, professional driver development program using our cutting-edge driver training simulators. We use accurate and representative track models with the majority being laser scanned and GPS accurated. We create custom software models to emulate your real-life car. You will be amazed at how immersive and realistic the simulator can be.  We will analyse your braking points, lines, minimum corner speed, traction zones, setup variations and much, much more. Sessions are available from 4hrs upwards.  Session rates start from £450 dependent on location.

Rent or Buy a Driver Training Simulator

You can opt to hire or purchase a simulator depending on your budget and requirements. Our products are just a fraction of the cost of a year's testing program on circuit and We have better tools to analyse and improve your performance.  As well as our off the shelf racing simulators, we also offer a bespoke design and production service to cater to your every requirement. 

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