Racing Software Model Development

We understand that our clients require the complete experience. This is where our team of software developers comes in.

We provide data-driven modeling of any type of racing car within an accurate simulation environment. Real life vehicle geometry, telemetry data and windtunnel aero maps are all processed, delivering astonishing correlation between simulated and real life indicators. We can also build GPS Accurated or Laser Scanned Track Models for use in the simulation. These models can incorporate any in-game branding that a client may require.

Virtual Reality Software Development and Hardware Solutions

Since the onset of comercial Virtual reality headsets, VR has taken the world by storm, now seen as a powerful tool in the Experiential, Exhibition and Events sectors, its a powerful tool for brand awareness and engagement. The capabilities of this technology are limitless and continually evolving.

PRS are pioneers in this technology, we are at the forefront of the latest hardware innovations and are continually exploiting new scenarios for commercial applications, as well as identifying new sectors where it can be used.

Some of the services we provide:

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